🤸🏼‍♂️Enter the competition and 🌟WIN 1 ASSET🌟 from my stores! Only until 9th Sep.✨

General / 26 August 2022

Hi fellow CGI Artists!

For a while it has been bothering me that I only got 95 custom bokeh shape textures and not a round number..

Check out the FREE SAMPLE if you want to know what I am talking about!

Win one free asset!

As I ran out of ideas right at the very end, I need your help tp upgrade the pack to a full 100 textures!

Enter the competition and send me references or create your own aperture map. Among the participants I will choose 5 of the best and re-create them in high-resolution to add them to my collection.

The chosen ones will get one asset of their liking from my stores for free!

And all the others will get 30% off of my products!

The competition starts now and ends in two weeks: September 9th 2022.

Send your ideas/references/own creations to:

Perfect3DImperfections @ CreativeControl.de

or contact me via my Artstation-Account:


I can't wait to see what you come up with and to add more value to my pack!

Thank you for your help in advance 😀,



PS: I started my Youtube Channel recently and would be so happy if you would check it out and watch some of my tutorials or product promos and give me feedback!